People always ask me, first and foremost, what are my best “tips and tricks” for passing standardized tests. My answer, duh, is to fucking study and know the material. Yes, getting a good night sleep, understanding the expectations and scoring process for the exam and staying calm are great tips but if you don’t know the shit, you’re not going to score well on an exam designed to ensure you know the shit.  So before you even call me, start studying and start learning the shit.


Once we start working together, we’ll work hard to ensure that you not only know the shit, but you know how to apply it in different test formats. We’ll also ensure you know how to be smarter than questions designed to trick you, how to write essays that MOSTLY answer the question you’re being asked, and how to see what the test writer was actually getting at in cases lacking clarity. All that said, you’re still going to have to do the bulk of the work by, GUESS WHAT, learning the shit.


They say you can lead a horse to water but you can’t teach him to drink – I’m going to teach you to drink but for the most part, you need to lead yourself to the water. I’m also not going to help you apply to colleges, know which exams you need to take, and learn to submit them with your application. These are all things that you should know how to do if you even plan on going to college at all.  The real world does not come with a test proctor. In fact, the real world tests you but seriously fucks you up if you don’t know something instead of just giving you a poor mark. 


That said, in order to get you into the real world at all, America suddenly (well not suddenly, but in the last few decades) requires you have at least a Bachelor’s Degree if you want to do anything at all in the world.  I’m going to get you into a position to be accepted into programs granting Bachelor’s Degrees.


I graduated at the top of my class from a small private high school outside of Memphis and did so well on all of my standardized exams that colleges were literally courting me.  I felt like the star quarterback of the football team. My high school did not have a football team and I’m not entirely sure what a quarterback does. But if you’re a quarterback and you’re not being courted for universities, I guess you’re gonna have to ace those ACTs and SATs.


I’ll help you do that without being a burden and without belittling the shit you’ve already learned.  Rather than teach you the information, I’m going to teach you to apply the information – and if one begets the other, it’s a win-win!

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