Let’s talk about the ACTs, the “American College Testing” to see if you’re ready for the rigorous world of COLLEGE. Now, as most of us know, standardized testing to get into college is a farce. Going to college is necessary, and it doesn’t mean you learned anything or are ready for the real world (especially if mom and dad paid for college, you were on a meal plan, and you lived in the dorms with a babysitter).  For this reason, most of you will probably graduate college, have a meltdown, and then apply for graduate school because by that point, school is all you know how to do.  Isn’t THAT hilarious!


But, another fact most of us already know is that the baby boomers who will likely peruse your resume to decide if you deserve an interview DON’T know how ridiculous this is, so until they all retire (something we’ll never have the opportunity to do!) in ten to fifteen years, you gotta still go to college! You’re the least lucky generation in American history! So, let’s talk about the ACTs.


This exam tests your knowledge in the following areas: English, Mathematics, Reading, Science and if you so choose, Writing. These are all things you should have learned in your school career to this point but probably didn’t because public school in America are reflections of the baby boomers administering them – which is to say, sub-par and decades behind where they should be.


For the next few days, I’ll give tips and tricks for the different sections in this exam but, since I want you to hire me to help you prepare, I’ll likely leave out the important stuff. That’s how the real world works – there’s your first lesson, for free!

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