The science reasoning test consists of 40 questions covering Data Representation, Research Summary, and Conflicting Viewpoints for which you’ll have 35 minutes. While they call this section Science Reasoning, it depends on your ability to read and synthesize information quickly as much as the reading section does.  If you need some cozy information, take comfort in knowing that you don’t need to actually know much about science to do well in this section!


While the reading section will require you to synthesize and interpret passages, the science reasoning section will require that you read critically by reading graphs, charts, and other visuals – some of which you’ve likely never seen before.  That’s the trick in this section – just because something looks new to you, doesn’t mean you’re unable to interpret it. Don’t overthink it.


You may also be presented with large chunks of information in this section with corresponding questions.  A free trick for doing well on such questions is to read the questions first and then SKIM the passage for corresponding information. It’s a waste of your time to read anything during this exam that doesn’t correlate exactly to a question.


More tricks will cost you money! Sorry, that’s America!

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