Here’s some more helpful (but lacking, for marketing purposes) information to help you decide to hire me to ensure you get a baller score on the ACTs.


You’ll have 60 minutes to complete a 60-question math test including pre-algebra, elementary algebra, intermediate algebra, plane geometry, coordinate geometry, and elementary trigonometry.  Some varieties of calculators are allowed for different sections.


You’re probably thinking something along the lines of, “I never paid attention in my public school math classes because I was too busy worrying about getting bullied for my acne” or “My high school math teacher never advanced past elementary algebra but since my school is dreadfully under-funded, nobody ever noticed so I’m hella unprepared to answer questions about geometry and trigonometry.”  Do not worry. These things are learnable, especially if you have an expert test prep tutor to tell you exactly what formulas you’ll actually need to learn. Don’t waste your time learning math you won’t need to use on the exam. Here’s another free little secret: you’ll likely never use this kind of math again in your life, so why they are testing you on it to see if you’re fit for college where you may not even study math at all, is beyond me! But, you need to do well anyway, and I’m gonna make sure you do.

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