Writing is Optional

The writing section is optional, but it is the area of my personal expertise.  This is administered at the end of the exam so those math and science dorks can GTFO.  You’ll be given 40 minutes to write an essay about a prompt – usually about some broad social issue.  My advice here is to […]

ACT’s Version of Science

The science reasoning test consists of 40 questions covering Data Representation, Research Summary, and Conflicting Viewpoints for which you’ll have 35 minutes. While they call this section Science Reasoning, it depends on your ability to read and synthesize information quickly as much as the reading section does.  If you need some cozy information, take comfort […]

Reading on the ACT

The reading section of the ACTs is kind of a joke. Do you know how to read? Have you read important literature before? Do you know how to answer questions about the things you read and synthesize?   If you answered no to the first question, I do not think you’re ready to hire a […]

You Should Probably Hire Me To Prepare for the ACT

Here’s some more helpful (but lacking, for marketing purposes) information to help you decide to hire me to ensure you get a baller score on the ACTs.   You’ll have 60 minutes to complete a 60-question math test including pre-algebra, elementary algebra, intermediate algebra, plane geometry, coordinate geometry, and elementary trigonometry.  Some varieties of calculators […]

ACT: A Few More Details

Ok, let’s talk more about the ACTs you’re likely required to take to even begin a college application to some state school that will suck you dry of finances, leave you in decades worth of debt, and teach you little more than to never schedule Monday morning classes.   You’ll have 45 minutes on the […]

ACT Introduction

Let’s talk about the ACTs, the “American College Testing” to see if you’re ready for the rigorous world of COLLEGE. Now, as most of us know, standardized testing to get into college is a farce. Going to college is necessary, and it doesn’t mean you learned anything or are ready for the real world (especially […]

Standardized Test Tips and Tricks!

People always ask me, first and foremost, what are my best “tips and tricks” for passing standardized tests. My answer, duh, is to fucking study and know the material. Yes, getting a good night sleep, understanding the expectations and scoring process for the exam and staying calm are great tips but if you don’t know […]